Before your Eyelash Extensions Appointment:

Shower prior to your appointment eliminating any unnecessary oil or make up from lashes.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Do Not

Wear makeup.

Makeup products worn close to the eye will need to be removed prior to the lash application process. Coming to your appointment with a clean face will save time and eliminate the need for you lash stylist to remove your eye makeup.

Do not apply face creams or sunblock to the eye area. The oils within many moisturizers and sunblock can prevent the eyelash glue from properly adhering to your natural lashes, dramatically reducing the longevity of your eyelash extensions.

Lashes must be fresh and clean in order to be properly prepped to receive eye lash extension.  No Mascara!

Do not wear large or dangly earrings.

The lash application process requires you to lay with your head propped on a comfortable support pillow. Large or dangly earrings can often get in the way making it difficult for you to remain comfortable during the complete application time.

Do not curl your lashes on the day of your lash extension.

Do your research before the appointment, so you have an idea what to expect and what type of lashes you desire.

This process it is not recommended for claustrophobic people.

Avoid drinking large quantities of coffee as this affects the nervous system and will make eyelids twitch.

​Check if you have any of the following conditions that would prevent the treatment

previous lash perming in the last 3 months

dry eye syndrome

positive reaction to the patch test

inflammation or swelling in the eye area

excessively watery eyes

infectious conditions such as conjunctivitis (pink eye), sty, etc.


 You will  lay  down for 120 minutes max, with dimmed lights and soft music as your backdrop during your treatment, comfortable clothes will allow you to make the most of this time to relax and be pampered.

Your eyes will be closed during the application of your eyelash extensions,  to avoid any discomfort,
Remove Contacts.

Turn off your cellphone prior to application.

This is truly a time to sit back and relax. ringing cellphones will only interrupt your treatment. Enjoy the “me” time, and let your lash transformation begin.

 Your eyelashes will be cleanse and prepare for the application of the extensions. Protective eye shields will be applied to cover the lower lashes. After this point your eyes must remain closed for the whole length of the treatment. As this treatment is quite lengthy feel free to listen to your favourite music or radio, or even take a nap. 

During the procedure between 50-300 lashes will be applied and bonded to your natural eyelashes with a special high quality lash extensions adhesive. As its applied on “lash by lash ” basis, the number of extensions will depend on the number of your natural eyelashes. Once the glue is dry you can then open your eyes. 

Aftercare advise will be given in printed form, after-care and regular maintenance is essential to keeping great looking lashes. Please book your maintenance appointments well in advance.

 Volume Lashes 2D and 3D

What Are Volume Lashes?

With traditional lash extensions, we could only safely attach one eyelash extension to each of your single natural lashes. We can only lash on how many natural lashes you have. This can be disappointing if you have not many natural lashes yet desire a thicker look.

Our new 2D and 3D Volume sets now give even natural-lash-challenged clients the option for volume they have never had before! Opting more for volume rather then length.

Volume Lashes is a revolutionary lashing technique where 2 to 3 super fine extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash - SAFELY - creating a look so soft and full it seems to be enhanced with Photoshop!

2D Eyelash Extensions 

Cluster Lash Extensions
are clumps of lashes bound together in a"v" shape.

They come in various densities as well as lengths. The process can take 20 to 30 minutes. $35

​​Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are synthetic fibers that are attached to your real lashes one by one to make it look as if they are all one seamless strip of eyelashes. This procedure makes your lashes look more voluminous and lush. Because the eyelashes frame the eyes, you tend to look brighter and younger. Eyelash extensions actually look natural because of the fact that it is just attached to your natural lashes which means that it is your eye shape that is being followed. It’s like having mascara on 24/7.

In the olden times, only the noble people in Egypt were allowed to sport long eyelashes. However, in the 70’s and 90’s they slowly became more and more popular because of the celebrities and models that sported them. Nowadays, women can’t live without their long and lush lashes.

​Types of eyelash extensions

Silk – tapered slight thicker at the tip
Synthetic mink – tapered thin at the tip to give them a soft appearance
Real mink – Brushed from the tails of the minks. Gives a very feathery, soft look. Very expensive a full set between $350 and $500
Cluster lashes – cluster of 5-6 lashes can come with or without knot.

Individual Eyelash Extension or Classic Look



Extensions are applied one by one to each individual eyelash. The process  can take one to two hours depending on the amount of eyelashes applied. $200